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About Us

The Online Training Gateway is the online Trainer Portal provided by long established training material developers, Orchid Information Systems Limited. For more than twenty years, Orchid have been writing and producing training materials and systems for some of the most demanding industries. The Online Training Gateway aims to use this wealth of experience to enable businesses to cost effectively train their staff.

Our Training

Our online training modules are designed to allow managers and staff to obtain the training they need, without the inconvenience and cost of travelling to a training centre or using a training agency. High quality, effective training can be delivered consistently to your staff online.

Easy to Use

The training material is straight forward and easy to navigate. Trainees can work at their own pace, taking breaks and reviewing material as often as required, up until they decide they are ready to take the final assessment.

Works Everywhere

The training will work on the majority of computers and tablets, allowing training at almost any location that has a reasonable internet connection.

Great Content

Well written text, engaging graphics and animation and the odd challenge helps to keep the trainees interested and engaged.


If you have several staff, the system will ensure that they receive a consistent level of training and successful trainees receive a certificate on completion.


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